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Anti-Fragility Through Movement

Broadcast on June 08, 2023
With Cameron Shayne
Hosted by Simon Borg-Olivier

In this conversation, Cameron Shayne will explore the design and architecture of anti-fragile systems. He will unpack the connection between the yogi and the warrior — and how to use yoga, mobility, and martial arts patterns to combat aging.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • How to develop an anti-fragile mindset
  • Ways to overcome adversity through stress
  • Pressure produces diamonds
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Cameron Shayne

Founder Budokon University

Budokon founder and director Cameron Shayne is known as the father of the mixed movement arts culture. Cameron pioneered the phrase and concept of Budokon Mixed Movement Arts by combining the combat arts of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and mixed martial arts, together with yoga, crawling patterns, mobility, calisthenics, and cognitive studies, into a single black belt system known as Budokon (BU warrior, DO way, KON spirit). Based in Los Angeles, CA, during the 1990's — at that time the mecca for yoga in the Western world — Cameron established himself as one of the pioneering voices and transmitters of contemporary yoga, martial arts, and the movement culture. Known as a teacher of teachers, he is responsible for creating the Budokon yoga style, the Budokon mobility style, the Budokon mixed movement arts black belt system, Budokon University, and BDK Academy. He's also known for his provocative writings, as well as his influential podcast focused on the contemporary movement scene. His radically honest and transparent style of teaching through critical self-analysis has established him as a guiding voice for modern yoga, martial arts, and the mixed movement arts culture worldwide.

Cameron Shayne