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Embodying Water as a Somatic Practice

Broadcast on June 09, 2023
With Vannia Ibarguen
Hosted by Dr. Martha Eddy, RSMT

Vannia Ibarguen will lead us around the world through the Global Water Dances! This experiential class will introduce participants to the process that GWD employs in creating and sharing movement, finding inspiration through the body to express the many aspects of our relationship to the elements, and in particular, to water. Through movement and discussion, Vannia will encourage us to imagine how we can become involved in growing this movement of environmentally-inspired dance.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • How to embody water for wellbeing
  • The “Story of Water” dance, inspired by water motifs
  • Ways to connect with the Global Water Dances project
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Vannia Ibarguen

Artistic Director of Global Water Dances

Vannia Ibarguen was born in Peru and graduated from the University of Maryland with an MFA in dance. She's an international performer, choreographer, instructor, and artistic director of her own dance company VIDA (Vannia Ibarguen Dance Arts). She discovered modern and contemporary dance and decided to train in Argentina, Cuba, and the U.S. In 2005, Vannia received Argentina's Best Dancer and Choreography Award. As a dancer, she has performed in a dozen cities in the U.S., and also in Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, and Hong Kong. Vannia has received awards for her choreography in the U.S., Peru, Argentina, Cuba, and Colombia. She is also artistic director for Global Water Dances, a biennial event where more than 180 cities around the world create outdoor dances to raise awareness about water issues in the local and global community. As a dance educator, Vannia promotes body-awareness and somatic practices within the technique, to help her students build a solid foundation to achieve longevity in their dance careers.

Vannia Ibarguen