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How Our Reflexive Responses to Stress are Intertwined With Body, Emotions, and Movement

Broadcast on June 08, 2023
With Martha Peterson, CCSE
Hosted by Simon Borg-Olivier

When we close our eyes and turn inward, we experience ourselves — sensations, emotions, movements, and thoughts. Our brain does not distinguish between our mental state, our emotional state, or our physical sensations. Discover how all humans respond to stress, and how these somatic reflexes show up in your body and movement with Martha Peterson. Learn to regulate your physical tension so you can reduce emotional and psychological stress, and connect to more of yourself.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • Predictable, reflexive responses to stress are equally physiological and psychological in nature and can impact your emotions
  • A technique to regulate both muscle and emotional tension so that you are no longer stuck in your stress
  • The “green light” and “red light” reflexes of “go, go, go” and “protect and withdraw” noticing the changes in body and mind
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Martha Peterson, CCSE

Founder of Essential Somatics® and Author of Move Without Pain

Martha Peterson, CCSE, is a certified clinical somatic educator and leader in the field of somatic education. She's founder and CEO of Essential Somatics® and the author of Move Without Pain. Martha heads a growing faculty of clinical somatic educators who present essential somatics teacher trainings, retreats, workshops, and seminars around the world. She also maintains a private clinical practice.

Martha’s expertise comes from more than 30 years working in the fields of dance, bodywork, and somatic education. As a former professional dancer who suffered chronic hip and knee pain due to injuries, Martha understands the frustration and struggle many people experience when trying to discern between the myriad methods that claim to relieve or “fix” chronic pain. She eventually discovered clinical somatic education, the only method that taught her how to reverse her pain and postural imbalances, regain physical control, and create a life of movement, choice, and joy.

Martha is an experienced hiker, inspired by her mother with whom she climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and trekked in Sikkim, Northern India. She has learned that the key to remaining healthy and mobile is daily, vigorous, fun movement, a regular somatic movement routine, a sense of humor, and learning the fine art of relaxation and self-regulation.

Martha Peterson, CCSE