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Liquid Presence Resonance and Love Somatic Practicum

Broadcast on June 08, 2023
With Susan Harper, MSME/T

Susan Harper, MSME/T, offers a Continuum exploration, inviting you to soften in sensual movement, gentle breathing, and primordial sounding. Through a somatic meditation, using aware touch and sound, Susan guides you into attunement with the movements of water and the sensuous experience of presence, resonance, and love.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • Liberating locked neuromuscular patterns increases Somatic presence and awakens the spiritual imaginal capacity of the heart
  • Open felt-sense awareness to be with a broad range of sensations and energy flows
  • Movement motifs for connecting with the elements, nature, and the more-than-human world
The views expressed are specific to the author/speaker and may vary from the perspectives of The Shift Network's participants, staff, or other speakers.
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Susan Harper, MSME/T

Continuum Teacher and Founder of Continuum Montage

Susan Harper, MSME/T, is a Continuum teacher, heart-soul counselor, and inspired teacher of perceptual and movement inquiry. Since 1975, Susan has been teaching internationally and contributing to the development of the Continuum, which was originated by Emilie Conrad. Susan has the ability (through a personal demonstration of sounds, breaths, and movement) to transmit a primal and spiritual fluidity that inspires participation resulting in embodied innovative discoveries. Her students call her a moving storyteller, one who opens portals into the vast space of creativity, which is available within all human beings. She creates contexts for those who love to inquire and engage in frontier conversations, who dare to listen at the edge and in the depths— those who are aware of the adventure of courting the unknown.

Susan is a founding member of the Continuum Teacher Association, creator of Continuum Montage, and developer of Body of Relating, Body of Perception, and Living Dreams seminars. In these events, fresh heart-based perceiving and moving instantly affects how we relate, altering our fundamental sense of belonging. The emphasis is on somatic awareness, soulful movement, and the skills of intimacy. The practices open vital new ways of perceiving creative imagination, and a deep capacity for presence, resonance, and love.

Susan Harper, MSME/T